Tow Truck Near Me

Travelling is fun but also an activity that is full of ups and downs. Our vehicles break down at times and we find ourselves stuck at road sides, not knowing what to do or who to call for assistance. This being the case, tow trucks have come in to rescue travelers who find themselves stuck in the midst of their journeys. We might need to call for tow truck services in case of an accident, running out of gas, getting a flat tire or at the event of a mechanical breakdown. Find a tow truck near me used to be difficult, until now!

Tow Truck Near Me – Find One On The Map

Finding a tow truck company

Finding a tow truck operator or company is always a challenge. It gets even harder when you search on the internet for tow truck services. At times, the suggestion lists we get are lengthy, making it difficult to settle for one. It is therefore advisable to use some of the below tips when trying to find tow truck services in case of an emergency.

  • Use a referred to tow truck company from your friend or mechanic
  • Ensure you belong to a roadside assistance club or program
  • Use tow truck services referred to you by the police in the case of an accident.

There are several suggested tow trucks near me that one can reach whenever tow truck services are needed. They include; Good Sam roadside Assistance, AAA, Allstate Motor Club and Auto Vintage, with their services being available from their respective websites. An example of such a roadside program is the Meineke Roadside Assistance.

Tow truck service near me

In a case where your car is towed, the tow truck company is allowed to tow your vehicle 10 miles from where it was towed from. You can always instruct the tow company to tow your vehicle to their tow yard, which should not be very far to avoid the extra charges. In other occasions, you can instruct the driver to tow your vehicle to private premises after making the necessary arrangements such as the towing fee.

Staying safe after your car is disabled

Our lives are precious and we should ensure our safety all the time even when our cars are disabled or experience mechanical breakdowns. Below are tips on how you can stay safe when your car is disabled.

  • At the event that your car is disabled, stay patient and calm as you look for alternative help.
  • Always pull over and drive out of traffic as much as possible.
  • Do not try to fix the disabled car even if the problem seems small, unless you are a professional. It is advisable to call for professional help.
  • Always exit the disabled vehicle if it so dictates or safe to exit and raise the car’s hood to alert any passing by authorities and that help is needed.
  • As you try to stay safe, always remember to keep a copy of the fleet’s roadside assistance and or the accident policy in your car at all times.

Tipping a tow truck driver

Truck drivers are tipped according to the services they deliver. Their tips or pays can always be negotiated if the tow company does not have a fixed price for services offered. Guidelines have been provided on how to tip the tow truck drivers where you have the right to pay less than the maximum towing and storage charges. For light weight vehicles the charges are about $164.00 per tow hour, $204.00 for medium class vehicles while the price increases to about $275.00 for heavy class vehicles, with a drop fee ranging from $80.00 to $275.00 for any tows made. It is, therefore, important to know the following before tipping the driver;

  • The category your car belong to; light class, medium or heavy class.
  • The distance of tow.
  • The company’s fee structure.

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